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We are a stable, experienced ICT Company in Kenya, provider of innovative IT solutions with systems for multiple industries and businesses, including retail, real estate, hospitality, education, utilities.

BluChip Solutions as an ICT Company implements the game-changing solutions for your business, allowing you to deliver high-quality services consistently and cost-effectively.

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Embrace technology, drive
your business performance

The adoption and utilization of technology in your business is a critical pillar of competitiveness and growth. We provide to you the tools that can help your business:

  • Drive more income into your business.
  • Save money through automation and cost controls.
  • Provide better access to business information.
  • Help you run a more efficient business.
  • Make your business look bigger.


ICT Company in Kenya that Helps You Grow Your
Business the Right Way


We have expertise in various levels of integration including portal, application to application, business to business, and database integration. We are proficient in adapter and plug-in development, interface creation, message brokering and transformations.

ICT Training

We provide training for strategic products in the industry that we have in-depth product development experience with.

This allows customers of our clients to receive the most relevant information.


We make it simple for your business to get the infrastructure it needs. Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or simply adding an application, we provide end-to-end networking services.

Cloud Computing

After an in-depth analysis of the enterprise needs we sit, define, design, and implement the most desired and secured cloud strategy. Our cloud services offerings focus on performance, security, and reliability to maintain enterprise applications in world-class facilities.

Technical Support

We support the traditional, emerging and cutting-edge IT needs of businesses with a combination of right skills, local capabilities and quality delivery along with flexible execution models including onsite and remote.

Why Does Your Business
Need ICT Outsourcing

Let's assume that your business is growing and has more and more departments that need to cooperate, so your business would succeed. Each branch has its own processes, as well as dedicated systems platforms, which means they require completely different IT specialists.

Where do you get a wide range of specialists, keeping in mind that you cannot possibly hire few different, separate IT teams?

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